Visit to Highclere Castle

Lady_Carnarvon_and_Caroline_AshleighLast week on a beautiful autumn evening, I was welcomed, together with a group of selected guests to a cocktail reception at Highclere Castle, hosted by Lord and Lady Carnarvon, in aid of a Kenyan Education Charity, which they support:

I was very inspired not only by the most gracious welcome to their glorious home which I received, but by the tireless dedication and support that Lord and Lady Carnarvon give to this very important cause for the advancement of education in Africa. It was uplifting to hear that two of the recent recipients of the LangaLanga Scholarship are young women, wishing to become future doctors, who will receive educational funding through University. This endeavor will help these young women realize their potential, for their families and their communities.Lordie

The Castle looked beautiful and it was a truly extraordinary experience, before returning home from the real Downton Abbey to watch the first episode of the long awaited fourth season of Downton Abbey on the television, which has already aired in the United Kingdom!