For Holiday Shopping, Think Books! Think Shoes!


As my friend and editor, Mark Moran, says: 


For holiday shopping, THINK BOOKS - THINK SHOES!

"Warman's Shoes Field Guide" by Caroline Ashleigh. This makes a

great stockingstuffer at a great price point for any woman with an

inner shoe craving.


Buy Now - $14.99:


Warman's Shoes Field Guide - Values and Identification by Caroline Ashleigh 512 pages pps in 1 Book.
Warman's Shoes Field Guide
"Ashleigh’s book makes me feel like dancing the night away….in one of those fabulous pairs of shoes. ·Sexy photos, delicious footwear and as the Guide states, “a riveting experience in footwear fun.” The only problem: I want to try them on, especially those purple ‘tulip heels’ by Prada!"· - Marsha Bemko, Executive Producer, PBS's Antiques Roadshow.