The Recent Stolen Rembrandt Plot Thickens


In my recent blogs entitled, Rembrandt Drawing Stolen From Ritz Carlton  and Stolen Rembrandt Ends Up In Church, I reported on a drawing entitled,The Judgment, allegedly by Rembrandt circa 1630 valued at $250,000, which was stolen from an art exhibition at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Marina del Rey in August 2011. It was found abandoned and undamaged at a local church two-days after the theft, and the Los Angeles thieves got away. 


Subsequently, the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department took possession of the picture and has refused to release the drawing to the Linearis Institute, the entity that was exhibiting the work, because the institute has offered no bill of sale or other documentary evidence proving its ownership. The institute has also declined to reveal the name of the seller to law enforcement authorities. In the art world, where questions about who owns what and how they got it arise frequently, the Rembrandt mystery has evoked a great deal of curiosity.


Furthermore, art appraisers and other experts have indicated that they cannot find The Judgment listed in any catalog or database chronicling the works of Rembrandt, who created hundreds of paintings, drawings and etchings before his death in 1669. So is the Linearis Institute acknowledging that it bought a work by one of the world's best known artists, theoretically worth over a quarter of a million dollars, without any proof he really drew it ? If Linearis can't work out a compromise that will allow the drawing's return, will they take the Sheriff's Department to court?

Stay tuned to my blog as this art intrique continues to unravel....





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