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A century after Machu Picchu's rediscovery, ancient Mayan and Moche sites are being ransacked for tourist baubles


Everyday invaluable antiquities are looted all over the world and then sold on the black market, robbing us of our cultural heritage. There is a 7.8 billion dollar industry in stolen and looted antiquities which represents a rape of history in the loss of archeological content, destruction of monuments and destruction of artifacts.


The trade in illicit antiquities thrives in secrecy. Sadly, black market trade in antiquities destroys our most precious, non-renewable resource  - the intact evidence of our undiscovered past. Each looted artifact, whether dug-up from the American Southwest, from a Mesopotamian temple site, or from a burial site in China, Afghanistan, or Peru, is like a page torn from a book. Each missing page represents a permanent hole in our understanding of our collective history.


This global problem calls for global answers. First, we must raise public awareness. To learn more about what is being accomplished through  lectures and  educational programs to raise public awareness about the importance of preserving cultural heritage worldwide, please contact us at 248.792.2929 Would harsher sentences deter looting and the black market trade? Vote now at: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  





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